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Express Caucasus

3-days tour to the main sights of North Caucasus.

Primary itinerary of our tour: Vladikavkaz (overnight at a hotel) • Grozny • Derbent

3 days – 2 nights


Tentative programme «Express Caucasus»

Day 1

Meeting at Nazran airport at 12:30.

Coach boarding.

Transfer (72 km) to Dzheirakh district in the mountains of Ingushetia with one stopover.

Tour to the medieval tower complex Egikal. According to lore, in ancient times Ingush people started resettling from this exact place. In the late Middle ages Egikal served as a cultural, political and economic center for the mountain Ingushetia. The town with hundreds of inhabitants was deserted during the World War II.

Picnic in the mountains: tea, coffee, chudu –national pies with various fillings.

Observation deck on Tsey-Loamski Pass. A magnificent view opens up to Assinovskaya valley from the top of Tsey-Loam Mountain. It is considered sacred by the Ingush. Profane rites were performed here in old ages. You have photo opportunity against the backdrop of the mountain glen.

Coach boarding.

  • Горная Ингушетия
  • Горная Ингушетия
  • Ингушетия

Transfer (32 km) to Vladikavkaz.

Arrival in Vladikavkaz.

Hotel check-in.

Evening walking tour down Alexandrovski Avenue. The Sunnite mosque named after Mukhtarov and built 109 years ago is situated on the left bank of turbulent river Terek. The chromatic night illumination allows one to see the general architecture details. This comes as a starting point for our walking city-tour. Introduction to Vladikavkaz continues beyond crossing the bridge towards Alexandrovski avenue. There you can find cafes, restaurants and pubs, many of them offer national Ossetian food. We recommend you to come back and have dinner here after the tour. As tram lines stretch alongside the avenue, the street seems narrow. While walking, the guide will brief you on the biography of Kosta Khetagurov, the Ossetian poet, play-writer, publicist and artist. In his lifetime he was loved dearly by the Ossetians. Now his poems are included in the Golden Fund of Russian Literature.

Our walk along the avenue ends at Shtyba square. It opens up a view of the bell-tower of the 200-year-old Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. On the other bank of the river a bright light is cast on the monument to Issa Pliev, General of the Army, cavalier and double Hero of the Soviet Union.

Overnight at a hotel.

Dinner – at extra pay.

  • Владикавказ
  • Владикавказ
  • Владикавказ

Day 2


Breakfast at the hotel – tour package inclusive.

Coach boarding at 9:00.

Transfer (110 km) to Grozny with a stopover.

Arrival in Grozy at 11:00.

Coach and walk sightseeing tour. Grozny is a city-phoenix, revived from ashes after so long-run war. The Grozny Tower was erected in the beginning of 19th century. In 70 years after its foundation the Church named after Michael the Archangel was built by means of public donations. The city was reconstructed after the recent war in Chechnya. The Church destroyed during the war, was also restored. It provides regular services for its parish now. There is a sky-scrapers complex “Grozny-City” opposite the church. As you get on the observation desk of one of the sky-scrapers you discover a bird’s eye panorama of the city. Next to it you can see the spiritual heart of the city- the Mosque “Heart of Chechnya”. From a distance it resembles a fragile flower and bewilders by its architecture grandeur in close-up.

13:30 – 14:30 – lunch, not covered by the tour package. Venues and national dishes are advised on the way from Vladikavkaz to Grozny.

Memorial to the victims of deportation and deceased enforcement officers.  Visit to Akhmat Kadyrov’s museum is extra charged (120 roubles). It has collection of local culture pieces as well as paintings of modern artists. Each of the paintings conveys history often happy, but sometimes sad to tears.

Coach boarding at 18:00.

Transfer (180 km) to hotel with one stopover. The hotel is situated at the Caspian seashore in Daghestan. The beach adjacent to the hotel is very clean and has fine white sand. You are advised to walk along the beach and shoot photos at dawn before your breakfast.

Dinner - the tour package inclusive.

  • Грозный
  • Грозный
  • Grozny
  • Мечеть
  • Мемориал Славы

Day 3


Breakfast in the hotel.

Coach boarding.

Transfer (120 km) to Derbent with one stopover. Guide service is provided.

Derbent is the oldest city in Russia! In its 5,000 year old history it has undergone little changes still. Same walls of limestone or the Daghestanian stone as it is called here, and same calm and hospitable residents.

Tour to Naryn-Kala citadel. Naryn-Kala is a part of fortification of ancient Persians. Indelible impressions are ensured!

Coach boarding.

Short transfer to the restaurant.

Lunch is tour package inclusive.

Free time or a guided walk through the city (optional). Drop in the Daghestan city market and Derbent shops, walk along the narrow streets, and get into the spirit of ancient times and national friendship!

Buy souvenirs of Derbent:  Kubachi jewelry, honey, urbech, kitchen herbs, bright scarfs. You are advised to buy food for your dinner on the train.

Departure from Mahachkala.

  • Дербент
  • Каспийское море (у пансионата
  • Дербент
  • Дербент
  • Дербент


Recommended flights from Moscow:

UT air UT 549 Moscow — Nazran, departure 09:40 Vnukovo, arrival 12:05 Magas

Recommended flight from Uitash airport (Makhachkala) to Moscow

UTAir Boeing 737-500 UT 448 Makhachkala — Moscow, departure Uitash 21:00, arrival 23:40 Vnukovo


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