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Discoveries of the Caucasus

Tour Program «Discoveries of the Caucasus» 8 days

Pyatigorsk – Teberda – Elbrus – Vladikavkaz – mountain Ingushetia - Grozny – Lake Kezenoy-Am

8 days-7 nights

Day 1

Meeting at the airport


City tour in Pyatigorsk


Park in Zheleznovodsk city. The main attractions of the park are the pump rooms with thermal water, which you can drink completely free of charge. In addition, the park is full of pleasant surprises - you will see the palace of the Emir of Bukhara, a stone-monument and play with a stone sculpture.


Ethnic lunch with Cossacks. Cossacks are people inhabiting the Stavropol Territory for hundreds of years. In the past they used to be brave warriors and experts in fancy riding. Their descendants keep the traditions of their ancestors.


Lake Proval is a tiny shallow lake of beautiful blue color, filled up with the underground springs. Two hundred years ago one could descend to the river from above only; a passage through the rock mass was hacked out much later.


Transfer to the Mask Hotel 4* in Pyatigorsk. The hotel has 100 rooms of the categories, such as: standard, de luxe and suite. Each room has the area of not less than 26 square meters.


Overnight at the hotel 

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Day 2

After breakfast, transfer to Teberda in Karachaevo-Cherkessia (170 km, about 3 hours).


“Teberda” in Karachai means “gifts of the gods”. This is really a unique place. It is situated at the bottom of a huge intermont basin (at an altitude of 1,400 meters above sea level). Its slopes are covered with conifer forest. Numerous useful substances released by conifers are concentrated here.


Walking along the life-giving places of the reserve. Acquaintance with the tenants of the woods.


In Upper Teberda we will visit a trout farm. There are two species of trout and some other species of fish bred there. And right on the spot you can eat this fish cooked by professional Caucasian chefs in front of you.


After lunch and rest, you will visit the place of former city, where life used to pulse through it a thousand years ago. Since then, there have been three churches preserved, though rebuilt many times.


We will visit the ancient active Alanian Shoanist temple, erected in the first half of the 10th century


Return to the hotel in Pyatigorsk.


Overnight at the hotel.

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Day 3

Transfer to the Elbrus region (150 km, about 2,5 hours).

Stopover at the Polyana Narzanov. Water jets spring out of the ground. You can drink water directly on the spot.

Accommodation in the “AzauStar****” Hotel. The hotel is located on the Azau glade, at the foot of Mount Elbrus, at an altitude of 2200 meters above sea level. Rooms are available of the standard, luxury, and suit categories. The area of each room is not less than 20 square meters.

Lunch in the restaurant of the AzauStar Hotel.

Elbrus is the highest peak of Russia and Europe. It is a sleeping volcano 5,642 meters above sea level.

After lunch we will arrive in the Azau glade, from there we will take a cable car to Gara-Bashi station, the highest one in Europe located at the height of 3,870 meters.  Optionally, in good weather we can continue our ascent by ratracs on the glacier towards Pastukhov’s Rocks at the height of 4,600 meters, where a magnificent panorama of Elbrus and the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range opens up.

Free time, rest in the Elbrus region.

Overnight at the hotel.

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Day 4

Transfer to Shato Erken. Shato is a modern amenity making the dreams of wine-drinkers come true. You will get acquainted with the castle and taste local wines.


Transfer to Vladikavkaz, about 2 hours.

Accommodation in the Alexandrovski Hotel 4*. The hotel is located in the historical part of Vladikavkaz, in its city center.  The hotel is named after one of the great Russian tsars, Alexander II. There are rooms of standard, de luxe and suite categories. The area of each room is not less than 20 square meters.

In the evening, you are offered a master class in cooking the national Ossetian pie by the chef of “Kyona” restaurant. “Kyona” is a restaurant in ethnic style.

The master-class is followed by the national feast.

Return to the hotel, overnight.

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Day 5

Transfer to mountain Ingushetia (32 km, about 40 minutes).

Excursion to the tower complex Egikal. With the outbreak of the Mongol invasion, the route of the Great Silk Road was plotted again, through the mountains. The tower town of Egikal is a witness of those distant times. The people of Ingushetia settled along the valley from this fortress. Ingush people refer to themselves as ‘galgays’- people of towers. The last residents left the tower city at the time of repressions during the Great Patriotic War.

Tsei-Loam Pass. Beautiful view from the observation deck and a short walk.

Lunch in the high-mountain “Armhi” resort hotel.  We will try national dishes in a restaurant with a panorama of the mountains, which we will climb in a small cable car (optional)

The restaurant is called Erzi, which in Ingush means "eagle"

Transfer to Grozny (150 km, about 3 hours).

City tour in the evening Grozny. You will visit the beautiful mosque "Heart of Chechnya" and you will see the city from a bird's-eye view from one of the tall buildings of Grozny City.

Accommodation in the Local Hotel 5*.


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Day 6

Transfer to the Argun Gorge (40 km, about 30 min).

It’s a beautiful gorge, through which a road has been hacked out by the generations of Chechens. A mountain river, ancient towers- all that you will be able to see on the way. Stopover at Nikhaloy waterfalls for early lunch. Walk to the waterfalls.

The journey continues along the Argun gorge.

Itum-Kali is a Chechen village. Quick excursion to the museum, you can take photos in national costumes.

Further travel by range rovers. Incredible landscapes and mountain passes fall on your way in a real paradise of mountains.

The final destination of the itinerary is the unique Lake Kezenoy-Am. It lies in the heart of mountains surrounded by vivifying juniper woods.

Accommodation in the Kezenoy Hotel. The hotel is located at the bank of Lake Kezenoy-Am. There are standard, de luxe and suit rooms available.

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Day 7

Excursion to the ancient settlement. The fortified city-fortress of Khoy is located two kilometers away from the western gulf of Lake Kezenoy-Am. The best view of the lake and mountains opens up from the fortress side.


Transfer to Grozny (130 km, about 2,5 hours).

Gala dinner in national style.

National dances and music will energize you and leave the best impressions in the end of our tour.

Welcome to the hospitable Caucasus, dear guests!

Accommodation in the Local Hotel 5*.

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Day 8



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