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Tea Express

The “Tea Express” inevitably passes by the most interesting sights of the North Caucasus.

Moscow • Rostov-on-Don • Nazran • Vladikavkaz (+overnight at a hotel) • Grozny • Derbent (+overnight at a hotel) • Kavkazskie Mineralnye Vody • Moscow

You can catch up the express at any suitable station: Ryazan, Voronezh, Liski, Rostov-on-Don, Nevinnomysk, Armavir, Kavkazskie Mineralnye Vody.

7 days - 7 nights

  • Чайный Экспресс
  • Ингушетия
  • Ростов-на-Дону
  • Дербент
  • Грозный
  • Ессентуки
  • Владикавказ


Day 1

Departure from Moscow to Rostov-on-Don*.

Day 2


Arrival in Rostov-on-Don.

Coach boarding.

Transfer to Azov (39 km). Guide service is provided.

Tour to museum of local lore – extra-charged (180 roubles). The exhibition demonstrates complete skeletons of giant prehistoric animals, arms and jewelry of desperate Sarmatian warriors. It is amazing how their harsh manners did not extinguish artistic gift of representatives of this ancient culture. Super frost-work, filigree golden jewelry, chalcedonic finials of sword hafts and many other crafts were left behind by these unique people. The museum has a collection of antique crockery of different cultures that would excite envy of any modern mistress. It also displays World War II relics diligently and reverently collected in hard times for our country.

Museum tour duration: 1 hour.

Quick walk to the observation deck facing Don River. Photo opportunity.

Short transfer to Fortress bank.

Walk around the bulk bank of fortress. This bank is all that was left from the erstwhile strong fortress re-built through centuries according to the newest technologies of those ages. It is an excellent place for rest, meditation and photo session in front of cannons and Don River.

Lunch at “Fortress bank” restaurant – tour package inclusive.

  • Азов
  • Азов
  • Азов
  • Владикавказ

Transfer (39 km) to Rostov-on-Don.

On the way back we will stop at “Tachanka-rostovchanka” monument. The memorial plate inscription states: “1918. Dedicated to the legendary 1st Cavalry army. Monument is raised for 60-year anniversary to the Great October Socialist Revolution”.

Coach tour around Rostov-on-Don.

Walk along the promenade of Don. It is a favorite place of Rostov residents. The city folks are meticulous to their promenade. One can find a lot of various sculptures on the most unexpected topics. Day and night there are music, dances and fun prevailing here.

Coach boarding. 2 km long drive to Nakhichevan, a district in Rostov-on-Don, which was earlier a distinct city inhabited by Armenian diaspora.

Familiarization with the memorial complex “Fallen Warriors” on Karl Marx square and Stella “Liberators of Rostov from the Nazi aggressors”.

Tour closure at 17:00.

Free time. See alternatives: dinner, shopping, walk round the city center.  We advise you to visit the Cathedral Square, the oldest square in Rostov-on-Don. The Old Market (Stary Bazar) is also located here, which is also worth seeing.  Other places of interest on the square are monuments to the Saint Dmitriy and the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.                                                                                                                                                  If you walk from the Cathedral Square through the Cathedral by-street, you will find yourself on the main street Bolshaya Sadovaya.  It has many coffeehouses and restaurants. You will definitely enjoy fresh-brewed coffee sitting on the comfy bench in this cozy alley. You are advised to buy food for dinner on the train. Your next destination point is Rostov-Glavny railway station which is within walking distance from Bolshaya Sadovaya Street. The street itself is 3.5 km long, so walking will take around 30 minutes.  Those who prefer public transport are advised to wait for a bus at the earlier drop-off place.

The group will meet at the entrance of the railway station and depart to Nazran by train. Attention! Sightseeing in Rostov-on-Don is not included in the tour package and charged extra.

  • Ростов-на-Дону
  • Ростов-на-Дону
  • Ростов-на-Дону

Day 3

Breakfast in dining-car- tour package inclusive.

Arrival in Nazran.

Coach boarding.

Transfer (6 km) to Memorial of Memory and Glory. Guide service is provided.

The Memorial complex to victims of purges is formed by a group of nine watch-towers located close to each other and barbwire-braid. The architecture of each tower is unique as each of them symbolizes particular segment of the past, while architectural traditions have changed throughout the centuries. These differences remind us that the history of the Ingush people root back to ancient times. Contemplation of the memorial leaves indelible mark in one’s heart.

The Memorial is erected in memory of deportation of Ingush people to the North Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan in 1944.

Transfer (7 km) to Magas, the capital of Ingushetia.

Tour to 100 meter-high tower of Concord. Tower climbing is optional for extra-pay – 50 roubles/person.

A magnificent sky-line panorama opens up from the tower’s observation deck!

Transfer (73 km) to the mountains of Ingushetia with one stopover, during which you can wash up in mountain spring water.                                                                                                                                                  Tour to the medieval tower complex Egikal. According to lore, in ancient times Ingush people started resettling from this exact place. In the late Middle ages Egikal served as a cultural, political and economic center for the mountain Ingushetia. The town with hundreds of inhabitants was deserted during the World War II.

Lunch in the mountains – tour package inclusive.

Observation deck on Tsey-Loamski Pass. A magnificent view opens up to Assinovskaya valley from the top of Tsey-Loam Mountain. It is considered sacred by the Ingush. Profane rites were performed here in old ages.

  • Горная Ингушетия
  • Горная Ингушетия
  • Горная Ингушетия
  • Чайный Экспресс
  • Ингушетия

Coach boarding.

Transfer (32 km) to Vladikavkaz.

Hotel check-in.

Evening walking tour down Alexandrovski avenue. The Sunnite mosque named after Mukhtarov and built 109 years ago is situated on the left bank of turbulent river Terek.  The night illumination allows one to examine facades of the buildings. This comes as a starting point for our walking city-tour. Introduction to Vladikavkaz continues after crossing the bridge towards Alexandrovski avenue. There you can find cafes, restaurants and pubs, many of them offer national Ossetian food. We recommend you to come back and have dinner here after the tour As tram lines stretch alongside the avenue, the street seems narrow. While walking, the guide will brief you on the biography of Kosta Khetagurov, the Ossetian poet, play-writer, publicist and artist. In his lifetime he was loved dearly by the Ossetians. Now his poems are included in the Golden Fund of Russian Literature.

Our walk along the avenue ends at Shtyba square. It opens up a view of the bell-tower of the 200-year-old Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. On the other bank of the river a bright light is cast on the monument to Issa Pliev, General of the Army, cavalier and double Hero of the Soviet Union.

Overnight at the hotel.

  • Владикавказ
  • Владикавказ
  • Владикавказ

Day 4

Breakfast in the hotel –tour package inclusive.

Coach boarding.

Transfer (110 km) to Grozny with a stopover. Guide service is provided.

Coach and walk sightseeing tour. Grozny is a city-phoenix, revived from ashes after so long-run war. The Grozny Tower was erected in the beginning of 19th century. In 70 years after its foundation the Church named after Michael the Archangel was built by means of public donations. The city was reconstructed after the recent war in Chechnya. The Church destroyed during the war, was also restored. It provides regular services for its parish now. There is a sky-scrapers complex “Grozny-City” opposite the church. As you get on the observation desk of one of the sky-scrapers you discover a bird’s eye panorama of the city. Next to it you can see the spiritual heart of the city- the Mosque “Heart of Chechnya”.

From a distance it resembles a fragile flower and bewilders by its architecture grandeur in close-up.

Lunch time. It is not covered by tour package.

Memorial to the victims of deportation and deceased enforcement officers.  Visit to Akhmat Kadyrov’s museum is extra charged (120 roubles). It has collection of local culture pieces as well as paintings of modern artists. Each of the paintings conveys history often happy, but sometimes sad to tears.

Coach boarding at 18:00.

Transfer (180 km) to hotel “Zhuravli” with one stopover. The hotel is situated at the Caspian seashore in Daghestan. The beach adjacent to the hotel is very clean and has fine white sand. You are advised to walk along the beach and shoot photos at dawn before your breakfast.

Dinner at pensionate “Zhuravli”- the tour package inclusive.

  • Грозный
  • Grozny
  • Грозный

Day 5

Breakfast in the hotel.

Coach boarding.

Transfer (120 km) to Derbent with one stopover. Guide service is provided.

Derbent is the oldest city in Russia! In its 5,000 year old history it has undergone little changes still. Same walls of limestone or Daghestanian stone as it is called here, and same calm and hospitable residents.

Tour to Naryn-Kala citadel. You should definitely touch the walls built centuries ago. Naryn-Kala is a part of fortification of ancient Persians. Indelible impressions are ensured!

Coach boarding.

Short transfer to the restaurant.

Lunch is tour package inclusive.

Free time or a guided walk through the city (optional). Drop in the Daghestan city market and Derbent shops, walk along the narrow streets, and get into the spirit of ancient times and national friendship!

Buy souvenirs of Derbent:  Kubachi jewelry, honey, urbech, kitchen herbs, bright scarfs. You are advised to buy food for your dinner on the train.

Coach boarding at the appointed place at 17:30.

Transfer (190 km) to Kizilyurt with one stopover.

21:00 -Departure to Kavkazskie Mineralnye Vody by train.

  • Дербент
  • Дербент
  • Дербент
  • Каспийское море (у пансионата

Day 6

Arrival in Kavkazskie Mineralnye Vody resort by 10:30.

Coach boarding. Light breakfast in the coach will allow you to save time and see more places of interest that day. The tentative food package includes drinking yogurt, fresh-baked cottage cheese pie, banana and juice - tour package inclusive.

Transfer (20 km) to Pyatigorsk. Guide service is provided.

Excursion to Pyatigorsk Park “Parterre”.  Mikhail Yurievich Lermontov often took a walk in it. At the park’s high point you can find the city symbol – an eagle clawing the earth. Old flinty stairs lead to the sculpture. The Eagle’s site is famous for its sulphurated hydrogen smell penetrating through hard-rock cavities. At the same time a pretty view opens up here, which means you may take excellent photos!

Coach boarding.

Short transfer to the root of Mashuk mountain.

The following itinerary is optional:

Option 1: Mashuk mountain climbing by jig-back ropeway – as one chooses at extra-pay (360 roubles). Mashuk is one of the laccolite mountains chains. Once boiling magma burst out through the earth crust and squeezing gradually formed detached mountains. In good weather from Mashuk you can see other laccolite mountains and the city panorama. Even without views it brings one a great pleasure to stay there and enjoy pure air as well as tranquil and quiet atmosphere. Near the rope-way entrance you can make a feast of fresh shashlyk or have a cup of coffee among pine-trees on the top of the mountain.

Wine and cheese tasting is also offered at additional price (450 rouble) on the mountain. At the same time you can have your lunch there.

Coach boarding at the fixed time and short transfer to Proval Lake.

Option II: Lunch (not included in the tour package; recommended close venue- café “Kanatka”) and guided walk to Shameless baths, coffee shop and Pyatigorsk Proval Lake – a small lake in the mountainside. The icon of a faith healer Panteleymon is installed above the water in the rock cutout. It’s an extraordinary lake. Its hot underground water has a beautiful green-blue color. The enchanting tint is attributed to sulphurated hydrogen and special bacteria contained in the water. The smell is rather strong but still bearable.

Option III: at traveler’s discretion. Meeting at the fixed time near the coach and short transfer to Proval Lake.

Groups meeting at the lake and coach boarding.

  • Пятигорск
  • Пятигорск
  • Пятигорск

Transfer to Essentuki (41 km). Tour to Saint George Nunnery.  Among its relics, the temple has pieces of relict and robe of its patron- The Great Martyr Genus.

Coach boarding. Short transfer to the temple complex in Essentuki.

Here on the mount of Resurrection you can find the world’s only giant statue erected by the Orthodox Church. The sculptural icon of Jesus Christos is displayed on the stone, the symbol of Earth. The stone itself lay on the chapel’s roof.  The construction was based on alms and lasted for two years. There are three chapels and a children’s sunday school inside the territory of the complex, built in honor of  the Most Holy Trinity, Dormition of Mother of God, and Prophet Elijah.

Coach boarding.

Transfer (35 km) to Suvorovskaya Cossack village. Tour to thermal pools is paid additionally (350 roubles).

Bathing in hot, warm and cold pools with thermal water is offered. These are lidos bringing you delight of bathing as well as benefit for your health. Both, the body and the soul get immediate effect of relieving from anxieties and enjoying every moment of life!

This relief effect lasts for 24 hours after bathing. Total period of stay at the pool limits to 1 hour, including bathing time- not more than 15 minutes. The water comes from the well which is 1,253 m deep. It is rich in silicon, iodine, potassium, bromine, and other microelements. Water components rejuvenate skin and regenerate tissues compliance. For lasting effect it is important to take daily baths within a week time and drink the water three times a day before meals. It is recommended to bring swimming suits, slippers and towels along.

Coach boarding.

Transfer (36 km) to Zheleznovodsk.

Banquet in the city pensionate - tour package inclusive.

Coach boarding.

Transfer (23 km) to the railway station in Kavkazskie Mineralnye Vody.

Departure for Rostov-on-Do by train.

  • Ессентуки
  • Станица Суворовская
  • Ессентуки
  • Ессентуки

Day 7

Arrival in Rostov-on-Don railway station “Rostov-Glavny” in early morning (appr. 4:00 – 6:00).

Arrival in Moscow Kazanski railway station in the evening (qppr. 21:00).

* the programme is preliminary, the organizers preserve their right to replace some tour blocks with similar ones, without changing the key points of the route.


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